Fall Publications: Delayed Gratification

In our world of instant everything, it is both frustrating and refreshing to have to wait for a story to be published long after it’s been accepted.

I was notified in Nov 2018 that my story, “The Best One-Armed Waiter in the West,” was accepted for publication by Sequestrum.

They had some welcome suggestions to make the story stronger and by the time those were done it was Feb 2019. The publication date was set for Issue 21, Fall 2019. (I hope the cover is as cool as Issue 19, at right.)

I don’t know exactly when the story will come out. So I try to put it out of my mind while constantly refreshing my email for the announcement.

While I not-so-patiently wait, I’m putting the finishing touches on the rest of the stories for my next collection, also titled The Best One-Armed Waiter in the West.

The collection will consist of 16 stories; six have been published, and the two above accepted. I’ve sent out three other stories and we’ll see if those are accepted before I submit the manuscript to publishers. Fingers crossed.

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