I’m back, baby! Back at AWP.

I was lucky enough to attend the AWP Conference in 2011 and 2012, coinciding with the publication of my first book of stories by Press 53. This year, everything aligned so that I’m able to attend again.

This year, the conference is being held in Portland, Oregon, which is where my parents life (well, Washington state, but close enough). And that’s why I’m able to attend this year – free lodging.

I’m also delighted to be helping out at the Press 53 booth with fellow author Cliff Garstang. Our publisher, Kevin Morgan Watson, can’t make it in person, so Cliff and I and dozens of other Press 53ers will take turns staffing the booth and spreading the word about Press 53.

You must read this book.

There is so much to be excited about: Keynote Speaker Colson Whitehead. Hundreds of panels and speakers and workshops. Friends to reconnect with. Work to be away from. But most of all: writing.

I came into town a few days early to see my parents before they left on a cruise. I’ve already had a day and a half of time to myself to write. So I spent yesterday working on a story I’ve been NOT writing for years. One part of it is based on something that really happened and I’ve been putting off writing that scene for years. And yesterday, through sheer talent, was able to put it off again.

So that is my assignment for today. To write that which is most difficult to write. Literally no excuses. When I write a blog entry tomorrow, I plan to be able to say I did it.

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