Back on the Submitting Horse

So my writing mojo was MIA for quite a few months. It’s back and I’m very excited. And a bit nervous.

For about two months I haven’t had any stories out there for consideration. No need to check my email like I’m waiting for that special someone to call. I thought it would be relaxing not worrying/waiting for a rejection. But turns out, it’s the opposite. As long as I have a story out there in consideration, there is hope.

A typical first draft

A typical first draft.

That’s what probably spurred me on more than anything – missing that hope. I have three stories ready (I think) for public consumption and more ready to be written. I need to get them OUT THERE. So between yesterday and today, I’ve sent out two stories to two lit mags each.

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but those who submit stories or poems know how much work it takes to find just the right place to submit a particular piece to: does it seem like a good fit, are they open for submissions, do they charge a fee (I’ll pay if it’s $3 or less and I feel it’s worth it; most often I don’t)?

And some magazines still only accept printed and mailed submissions, bless their hearts. So I have to find enough postage.

I’ve flipped-flopped back and forth but have finally landed on yes, I’m putting together another collection of short stories. That has also brought my mojo back: the thought of a deadline.

Here is the table of contents (I’m writing it down for accountability) for the new collection. Title is TBD.


  • American Gothic Getaway
  • The Poles of Inaccessibility
  • Moonlighting
  • Not Dog People 
  • Sex Addict Rehab: Confidential 
  • The Uncluded 


  • The Best One-Armed Waiter in the West
  • On the Occasion of Going to the Hospital to Meet a Baby 
  • Yorba Yorba
  • The Gorge
  • Captivity 
  • Worry Tank
  • Apartment City


  • The Milkbone Deposition
  • The Epic Quality of the Ordinary (aka the Prague story)
  • The Irrational Constant
  • Salmon Creek
  • The Lemon Lady
  • Untitled Vegas Story
  • Through the Side Door
  • Always Late to Flowers

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