Where Stories Come From

BLRAt my day job, I’m very organized.

I have my list of projects, which I can juggle expertly. I don’t get distracted easily.

I almost always have a game plan.

With my writing, I try to have a game plan but creativity just doesn’t behave like that. For me anyway.

I keep trying, or wanting to try, to write a novel (see my post from November). But the stories keep coming.

And I love them.

One of the most recent stories I’ve written, American Gothic Getaway, was inspired by a story I heard on the radio while driving to work one morning.

I wasn’t planning on writing a new story. I was supposed to be working on the novel and I was already distracted by another story in progress.

But the Muse wants what the Muse wants, and she gave me this story.

I couldn’t be happier to have it included in the most recent issue of Blue Lotus Review.

Take a gander: Blue Lotus Review

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