Never Enough Time

I took this photo on March 31. These are books written by friends of mine – either in real life or through social media. I’m still only halfway through the pile.

booksLike most readers, I don’t follow a linear path. It would be simple to just go down the pile and read them in order (they are stacked in order that I received/bought them).

But while reading is a simple pleasure, choosing what to read and when to read it, is not.

The biggest consideration is “what do I feel like reading”?

Comedy or drama? Short stories or a novel?

Memoir? Sometimes. Non-fiction? Rarely.

Historical fiction? Only if it’s really, really good.

I also write reviews of novels and short stories for Main Street Rag, so I have to get through those on deadline. And then a new book I have on hold at the library becomes available and I have to read it within two weeks.

Oh, and then there is the New Yorker, which I receive every week and which takes precedence over all other reading material.

The current issue has a new story by Haruki Murakami. I have delayed reading it so I can keep enjoying the anticipation.

Recently Read

  • Muse Unexpected, by V.C. Birlidis (novel)
  • Ark, by Jesse Miller (novel)
  • PKgrrl, by Wm. Anthony Connolly (novel)

Books for Review

  • Larrisa Takes Flight, by Teresa Milbrodt (linked stories)
  • Cairo, by Louis Armand (novel)
  • Over the Line, by David Lloyd (novel)

From Library

  • Little Failure, by Gary Shteyngart (memoir) – currently reading

Still to Read

  • Prison Baby, by Deborah Jiang Stein (memoir) – currently reading
  • Praying Drunk, by Kyle Minor (stories)
  • Blood a Cold Blue, by James Claffey (stories)
  • Mystick Krewe of Swan Songs, by Darlene Olivio (novel)
  • The Era of Not Quite, by Douglas Watson (stories)

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