Memoir Excerpt: Places Where I’ve Met a Man

Not all of these turned into boyfriends but I do have a knack for meeting men in some of the oddest places. Just goes to show, you never know.

Weird that, except for middle school and graduate school, I haven’t met any men through a book-related activity – library, bookstore, writing class. Obviously, I was always too busy with the books or writing to be looking at any men.

No, I did NOT meet him in the "buns" section.

No, I did NOT meet him in the “buns” section.

The oddest by far was meeting a man in the Trader Joe’s bread aisle. We went for coffee next door and dated for three months.

I broke up with him during a date and his next sentence was, “Do you have any friends you can set me up with?”

Obviously, I let a good one go.

In chronological order

  • Middle school English class – Riverside
  • Future Business Leaders of America conference – San Bernardino
  • Party in a hotel room – Hawaii
  • Sorority/fraternity exchange – Los Angeles
  • Summer barbecue – Irvine
  • Bread aisle of Trader Joe’s – Sacramento
  • Charity event I was in charge of – Sacramento
  • Blind date – San Francisco
  • Acting class – San Francisco
  • Graduate school – Vermont
  • At a restaurant near Au Lapin Agile – Paris, France
  • Trivia night at a bar (he was the trivia master) – San Francisco
  • At work – San Francisco
  • Playing soccer – San Francisco
  • Super Bowl party – San Francisco

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