Something’s Gotta Give

This is one of those weeks – I hope to make it out alive.

Rested, I don’t hope for. I just hope to end the week without completely losing my mind or causing bodily harm to those people who annoy me.

Like everyone else, I’m usually busy – day job, writing, family, gym, etc. – but somehow everything is converging this week to make it extra crazy.

At work, our big annual event is Saturday, November 2. I’m working long days and nights to get my responsibilities done.

NaNoWriMo2013Also on Saturday is the last day of the 90-day challenge at my gym, so I’m trying to keep up my pace (Sunday soccer, plus M/W/F evenings at the gym). Normally, working out would be the first item I’d jettison when busy. But I’ve made big changes in the last six months and I don’t want to let it slide.

A freelance project I’m working on is due by Wednesday. It’s money AND a good cause, so couldn’t turn it down.

National Novel Writing Month begins Friday, November 1 – so that means I need to write 4,800 words by end of day Sunday to stay on pace. I committed to NaNoWriMo and don’t want to bail, so this will be the biggest challenge.

I had a book review for Main Street Rag magazine due on Friday as well, but punched that out this past weekend. If I had time, I’d squeeze out one more review, but that’s unlikely.

And then there’s the World Series. Even though my SF Giants aren’t in it, I have to watch it. Luckily, I can do some of the event work while watching it.

Oh, and trying to spend some time with my family. You know those cute people who live with me? Yeah, them.

It will all get done, and I’ll come out alive, albeit very tired.

But that’s what coffee is for, right?

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