Next Chapter?

I’ve let two months pass since my last blog post. I’d like to say I was too busy (abruptly selling a house and moving 2 hours south just as 2nd grade was beginning for my daughter).

Also, the hoopla over the publication of Welcome, Anybody died down.

I’ve received some disheartening rejections during the last few weeks – over new stories and applications for grants.

I’m still trying to find balance between writing stories and working on the novel.

And then, yes, moving and end of summer activities and a new school year all cut into actual writing. Oh, and working full-time.

I thought about not writing this blog any more at all because it’s no longer serving its original purpose. When I started blogging, I wanted to chronicle and reflect on how I write fiction, with occasional reviews of books I am reading.  For some reason, I’m no longer interested in doing this.

Mostly though, it’s because I didn’t have anything to write about writing.

I don’t want to stop blogging. It’s one of the few non-fiction-y things I write, and I need the practice.

So I made a decision.

I will focus this blog on writing/revising my current novel, working title Two Women. I want to have it ready to submit to an agent by next fall.

I had this idea for a novel for many years before I sat down to write the first draft during National Novel Writing Month in 2010. I have been rewriting the second draft in fits and starts this year, but now have a plan.

In December, I will take a week off to travel the route from Arizona to Delaware that the protagonists of my novel are traveling through the novel. The only way I can explain the novel at this point is that it is “Thelma & Louise” for the AARP age but with an alternative ending.

Stay tuned!

One thought on “Next Chapter?

  1. Jen, when I started blogging it was for the purpose of expressing the depth of my inner musings. I write best in essay and always have a few starter phrases floating through my literary cabinet. My blog turned instead to a “Mommy Blog” full of rants and raves. I’m not disenchanted though because it remains a place where thought and imagination work together to bring the peace of having written and expressed myself. As others would say “at least you are writing.” Rock on Jen the Author!

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