What I Learned at Author Alley

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be included in Author Alley, a book fair hosted by Loganberry Books during the Larchmere Arts Festival and featuring more than 30 Cleveland-area authors.

104 in the shade

I had a great time, sold some copies of Welcome, Anybody, and met some fine people.

Learned a few things, too.

1) I am no longer young. This is finally sinking in, but none more so than when more than one person told the 20-something woman next to me, “Wow, you are awfully young to have your first book out.” Point taken.

2) I am still a snob when it comes to being published/self publishing. I am trying to get over this and never make my snobbery apparent beyond my own mean mind. I hate admitting this, but it’s the first step, right?

3) It’s difficult to think of witty small talk when I am sitting for hours in 104 degree weather. I love talking about writing and books and art, etc. but yesterday was so hot I could hardly remember my own name. I had to pack it in after 4 hours.

4) There is a reader for every writer.I sold more books than the wippersnapper next to me but my book was passed over by far more people than bought it. And those interested in the memoir of the woman on my other side were NOT interested in my book. And I’m ok with that. Because I know that, chances are, those who DO buy my book will enjoy it.

The gorgeous bookstore Loganberry Books

5) I want to live at Loganberry Books. While I do love the crowded, claustrophobic feeling of bookstores like Green Apple in San Francisco and the Book Loft in Columbus, if I could have a home library, it would look exactly like the clean and airy Loganberry Books.

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