Music & Writing: Soundtrack to the Stories

I love music.

But I’m not one of those who claim “I love all kinds of music.”  I don’t.

I’m very specific in what I like.

Mostly what I like is called “Alternative” music but whatever it is, it’s not Pop music. If something is uber-popular, so goes my belief, it can’t possibly be very good. Unfortunately, this bias bleeds into movies (as seen here) and books. And many times I am wrong.

I like songs that are different, unusual, stirring, especially if they have oddly juxtaposed tempo, rhythm, and volume. And I’m a sucker for a good bass line.

Like most people, I strongly associate certain life events with certain songs. And many songs are associated with my writing.

For fun, here are the songs that I either listened to while writing the stories in Welcome, Anybody, or are associated with a real-life event that somehow informed the story.

Though if you asked me to explain the connection between the songs and the stories, I’m not sure I could. It’s just something I feel.

Since most of the stories in the collection were written in the 90s, most of the songs are from that decade. And I only included two CAKE songs, when really we all know the whole soundtrack could be just their songs.

The one story/song exception is the story Minimal, written about the year 2000, with the song “Sometime Around Midnight,” released in 2009.

When I first heard the song, I thought, “Wow, that guy read my story.” Which would have been impossible.

But the night he describes in the song is exactly how I pictured the night that happens in Minimal and the primal pain of heartbreak coming out.

So sit back and enjoy a tour of 90’s music and the soundtrack to Welcome, Anybody.

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