Heading to Chicago for AWP 2012

In a few minutes, I’ll hop in the car and head up to Chicago. It’s cold and wet out there, but at the end of the day I’ll be surrounded by writers, and books, and words….so I don’t care what the weather is.

Some of my favorite people from last year won’t be at AWP this year – Kim Church, Kevin Rabas, Anthony Connelly – but I’m excited to catch up with other friends, especially my fellow Goddard graduates, and make new ones.

And most exciting of all is to be able to show my new book, “Welcome, Anybody,” to the world – or at least the 10,000 people coming to #AWP2012.

I’ll be signing my book at the Press 53 booth tomorrow at 11 a.m. Stop by to say hi but more importantly to meet Kevin Morgan Watson, Press 53 publisher and guru, who is a tremendous supporter of short story writers and poets and an all-around swell guy.

See you in Chicago!

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