It’s Official: My Book Will Be Out in March!

My collection of short stories, Welcome, Anybody, is being published by Press 53 and will launch in early March.

Writing that sentence makes me happy beyond belief.

A little more than a year ago, Press 53’s wonderful editor Kevin Morgan Watson accepted my book for publication. I didn’t tell anyone except Dan at first; then only told a few people here and there.

Welcome AnybodyI signed the book contact quite a few months back, but still I was hestitant to tell too many people. I am truly afraid of jinxing things.

  • Don’t talk about no-hitters after the sixth inning.
  • Say “break a leg” not “good luck.”
  • And don’t talk about things until you are sure they are going to happen.

But, well, it looks like this is really going to happen!

The book will debut at the AWP Conference in Chicago in early March (brr!). I can only imagine how it will feel to have my published book in my hands. Say what you will about e-books and PDFs, but when I dared to dream about publishing a book, it was bound, with a cover, and I could it hug to my chest.

The collection includes 14 stories, written during a span of just over a decade. Twelve of them have been – or are slated to be – published.

The first, Debris, was published in 2000. The last, Earthquake Weather, will be published in fall of 2012. I was amazed and overjoyed when the first story was published, just as I began Goddard’s MFA program. I am equally, if not more, shocked and overjoyed that the whole collection will now be out there in the world.

In the spring, I’ll begin a couch-surfing book tour that will last for at least a year, or while funds last, spread around family and work schedules. If you are up for hosting me for a day or two, let me know. I’d love to do a reading in your town!

The other day I finished reading Haruki Murakami’s amazing and otherwordly new novel, 1Q84. While reading and after, I had that familiar feeling of intense envy and supreme disappointment that I will never write like that.

But then I remember that my book is coming out. It’s my best work. And I am thrilled… elated… crazed with joy… by that.

Stay tuned for details about the launch and how YOU can order your own copy!

One thought on “It’s Official: My Book Will Be Out in March!

  1. I can’t wait and my couch is always open! We have great literary departments at our local colleges and I might know a few book stores that would host you. :-}

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