Old, Interesting & Cheap

I love coming up with titles for stories and other pieces of writing. Actually, I hardly ever make them up – they usually come right at me.

Like “Old, Interesting & Cheap.” Could be a thousand different bad jokes there. But actually, it was a small sign on a remainder bin at our local Half-Price Books.  Every writer’s nightmare – not only are your books being sold at a second-hand store for at least half-price, they don’t even rate being INSIDE the store. At least they are “interesting,” right?

Though, actually, being in a remainder bin means you were actually published, so there was some very good news along the way at least.

Anyway, I always have more titles than stories.  And often I have many pieces of stories but none of them are complete.

Last week, I had an idea for a story and pour about a five-hundred words out into my journal. As I was adding to it the other day in my journal, I realized that the beginning of another story I’d written was part of this story. I just didn’t know it at the time.

So today I am joining them together. 

I have two ideas for titles of this story but neither are quite right or even very good: “Empty and Idle” and “Insert Tab A into Slot B”. Other titles floating around: “Satan Cashed the Check” and “What We Most Resist.” I’m sure the stories will come along sooner or later.

I do have some wonderful news about two of my other, completed stories (with great titles, if I do say so myself):

  • A Divorced Man’s Guide to the First Year will be published by Flint Hills Review in early 2012.
  • Earthquake Weather was accepted by Terrain.org  and will be published online in fall of 2012 (so long to wait!).

So I write on.

In the morning, I travel to my parents’ house on the west coast for “vacation,” though I will still be working my day job remotely. Hope to write plenty though, and especially get to work on another draft of a novel.

2 thoughts on “Old, Interesting & Cheap

  1. I like that title best….. “Another Draft of a Novel”

    Those are great titles all of them. I have titles flying at me all the time. Maybe a writer’s curse?

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