They’re Here & They’re Spectacular!

Received a box of books yesterday: my copies of Press 53’s 2011 Spotlight.

2011 Spotlight AnthologyIt features three of my stories along work by four other fiction writers and three poets.

I am so honored to have been chosen by Press 53 and Kevin Morgan Watson, founder of the press and Editor-in-Chief, to be included with this group of talented writers.

I am very proud of these stories – two have been published previously: “The Last Time,” in Bacopa Review, and “The Small of Her Back,” in SNReview.

“Shakespeare’s Garden,” which I’ve written about before, will be published in the July issue of r.kv.r.y.

Some of my friends and family have read these stories before, but hopefully they (and you!) will purchase a copy or two of the anthology to support me and Press53!

And if you are a writer, please consider submitting work to Press53 – they are a true champion of the written word in all its forms.

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