It’s the End of the World As We Know It….

…and I feel fine.

If you are my age, you remember how HUGE that song was in college. (I’m looking at you, Mike Williams).

But what if it was the end of the world?

Don’t tell me that last Saturday, a week ago, it didn’t cross your mind even a teensy bit that may it WAS the apocalypse. There were the classic signs: crazy weather, the Cleveland Indians were in first place…

I spent Saturday evening with Dan and another couple scraping the wallpaper and backing off the walls of our family room. Usually this is an awful task, but with good friends and a good bottle of wine, it was actually a fun way to spend judgement day.

You know that saying, “Spend every day as if it were your last”? That’s just absurd. If I did that I would weigh about 400 pounds, be unemployed and definitely not blogging.

Better advice I believe is to live your life so that if it were to end today, would you be proud or satisfied or happy with what you are leaving behind?

I have my regrets (boy, do I) but I am trying to make amends of them, which is quite humbling. I try to be a good wife and friend. I am trying to raise my children to be kind and thoughtful. I try to be green and eco-conscious.

And I write. Because, besides my children, that will be the unique mark that I leave behind.

So life goes on. At least until October…when the REAL apocalypse will come (apparently that guy forgot to carry the 1 or something).

2 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World As We Know It….

  1. Terrific post! There’s nothing more for me to say (except we were at an MIA-POW briefing by the DOD at a casino in Green Bay, and I’m sure if the rapture had come, all of us would still have been sitting at the slots without knowing the difference).

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