So Much to Read, So Little Time

I have a perpetual problem.

There’s never enough time in the day/week/life to read everything I want to.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem. And I know in the world today, having such a problem is a luxury.

Now that we’ve agreed on that – how does one keep up with everything to read?

Especially, as a writer, I’m always thinking “I should be writing, not reading, or blogging, or sleeping, or….”

I’ve gotten through nearly all of the books and journals I bought at AWP in February (I read the current issue of Barrelhouse cover to cover one night at my in-laws) and now I’m on to the next list.

Here’s what’s on my short list. Don’t ask about the long list!

Knockemstiff (stories) by Donald Ray Pollock (an Ohioan)

A Visit From the Goon Squad (novel) by Jennifer Egan – I haven’t read anything of hers so I might as well start with the Pulitzer Prize winning one

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (stories) by Wells Tower – am I the only one who hasn’t read this book?

Half a Life (memoir) by Darrin Strauss – the executive editor of Washington Square lit mag out of NYU. This book just won a National Book Critics’ Circle Award.

Where the God of Love Hangs Out (stories) by Amy Bloom – loved her book Away

Tinkers (debut novel) by Paul Harding – the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner

Fort Wayne is 7th on Hitler’s List (stories) by Michael Martone – had never heard of him, but LOVE the title

What is on your list?

3 thoughts on “So Much to Read, So Little Time

  1. You ask if you are the only one who hasn’t read Everything Ravaged… well no. In fact I haven’t even heard of most the books on your list, and I work for a publisher. Oh, the irony. I am currently working through a new acquisition of ours, Gamadin, a teen YA series about surfers saving the galaxy. Hey, its quick and fun and easy. Anyway, my list is long too. The pile at my bedside overflows.

    As to being a writer who reads more than writes: Well, I believe that a good writer must read. Reading sparks the imagination and for me it helps me grasp the nuances of description. I have chosen and read books entirely based on the first sentence because of its poetic or descriptive value. Keep reading. It will all come together soon. I see and hear good things in your horizon.

    Love ya, Ria

  2. I don’t know if Dad gets these so I am subscribing his email to you. He loves to read the blogs I write, and I know he will love yours.

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