What’s Your Favorite Short Story?

I’m working on a project about short stories and I need your help.

Please tell me your two favorite short stories of all time. Not collections or authors, but particular stories. I’m looking for your favorites as readers, not what you think is “the best” in terms of craft, etc.

I’m defining a short story as fiction between 1,000 and 6,000 words. It can be a classic, contemporary, published only online, etc. The only caveats are that they have to have been published in some form and they can’t be your own stories (sorry!).

If you know the title of the collection that they appeared in, great, if not, no worries.

I will offer up my two:

  • “Bigfoot Stole My Wife” (& “I am Bigfoot”) by Ron Carlson
  • “Royal Beatings” by Alice Munro

Thanks in advance for your help! You’ll see the results of this project very soon!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Short Story?

  1. “A Tortoise for the Queen of Tonga” by Julia Whitty (no collection — it was in the June 1998 issue of Harpers Magazine, later expanded into a novel).


    “The Hermit’s Story” by Rick Bass in the collection of the same name. Achingly beautiful stuff.

    thanks for asking!

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