I’m not a snob, I’m discerning

I’d heard all the raves about how great the TV show “Modern Family” is, but my husband and I have never watched it. My knee-jerk reaction to something that so many people like is to assume I won’t like it. This makes me seem like a snob but I am also usually correct.

But I am also amazingly wrong sometimes and glad to be shown the light.

One of my biggest eye-openers was “Good Will Hunting.” This movie was released in 1997; I finally agreed to watch it in 2002. Dan had just moved to Boston and I hadn’t quite decided to move to be with him yet. I remember how incredulous he was that I’d never seen it. “If that many people like it,” I remember telling him, “it can’t be very good.”

But because I trusted his judgment, I watched it and was moved to joy and tears.

I’m not one of those people who raise their nose and say “I don’t watch television,” or “I only watch PBS.” Because they are lying, especially now that you can watch shows at any time online or with a DVR.

There are a number of good shows on television, I just make sure not to plan my life around them. If I miss an episode of a show I would have liked to see, that means I was doing something more important – like being with my family or writing.

I love “30 Rock” and “Big Bang Theory.” I loved “The Office” until after Jim and Pam got married. “Modern Family,” like “Glee,” though, just didn’t get on my radar. Dan and I finally watched an episode of “Glee” and, meh, I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

But then came Oscar night and I saw a commercial for “Modern Family” that made me fall off the couch with laughter. Later, I showed Dan the commercial online and he laughed, so we thought we’d give it try.

Now that we have Netflix, we can watch shows on our schedule and on the television, not on a computer screen. So last night, we watched the first six episodes of the first season of MF.

We watched all six in one sitting, despite how tired we grew. We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. It’s one of those shows, like “30 Rock,” that you shouldn’t eat or drink while watching.

One of the best lines out of those six episodes was Cameron telling Mitch that he is a snob. Mitch replies, “No, I’m discerning.” To which Cameron replies, “Official slogan for snobs.” This made me laugh.

They proceed to go to CostCo, which horrifies Mitch, until he gleefully sees a shredder he’s been coveting. This made me cringe as I am truly a snob discerning when it comes to where I will shop.

Unfortunately, due to my snobbery, I have also overlooked some great books (“The Road”) and music (Lady Gaga). I must remind myself constantly that just because something is popular, doesn’t mean I won’t like it.

Or, as I tell my five-year-old daughter, “Just try it! It won’t kill you!”

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