The Curse of the Second Week

I admit it.

National Novel Writing Month is kicking my butt.

According to my stats kept on the NaNoWriMo website, I have written 13,443 words of my novel. By today, I should have written 18, 334. That makes me 4,891 words behind goal. I’m not the only one behind – I’m told there is a Second-Week Curse – but that isn’t comforting.

Another “helpful” stat is “At This Rate You Will Finish On: Dec. 11.” This is the one that drives it home for me. The deadline is Nov. 30. One month; not one month and however many extra days it takes.

Yes, life gets in the way – but that is true every day of a writer’s life. And so it is about choices. Should I complete an assignment for work or should I write?  Should I feed my kid or should I write? Should I rake the leaves or should I write?

Obviously some of these decisions are easier than others. And sometimes I wish I could be one of those writers who ignore everything and devote all their time to writing, but I can’t.

I have to work to help pay the mortgage. I actually love my family and want to be with them. In fact, I am jealous that they are watching a special SpongeBob SquarePants right now without me but I am choosing to write this blog (and my novel, I swear) instead.

I am letting some of the housework slide and my husband is more than picking up the slack. We are fed and clothed and not much worse for wear because I spend time writing.

Raking the leaves? I choose writing.

So off to the novel.

One thought on “The Curse of the Second Week

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