No Fiction?

I saw “The Invention of Lying” yesterday and just reaffirmed my belief that Ricky Gervais is a comedic genius.

I’ve learned not to eat or drink anything when watching him, as I can’t help but laugh out loud at any given moment.

The scariest idea in the movie, to me, was that without lying, the world also had no fiction. There were no novels, or movies, or stories. It made for a delightful plot for this movie, but how frightening!

Rather than movies, they wrote screenplays based on historical facts and filmed readers reading the screenplays. They couldn’t have people, actors, re-acting the histories because then people would be forced to say something untrue – to play a role.

So is writing fiction lying? How can that be when the truest things I write are through my fiction – most of which is entirely made up?

Without storytelling – whether real or made up – how would civilization have survived? Where would we be if Shakespeare had only stuck to the facts?

Oh, the horror!

Thank goodness it was only a made-up movie.

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