The Hardest Part about Writing

There are two quotes I love about writing by authors (and I’m sorry that I can’t think of their names first thing this morning).

Q: “What the hardest part about writing?”
A: “The writing, of course.”

“I don’t like to write. I like to have written.”

That sums up my feelings most of the time. Writing is a struggle. A constant crossing out and starting over. It’s painful – not painful like childbirth – but anguishing.

I can go from being elated while writing to devastation and back to feeling adequate all in the space of ten minutes. And that’s before I even write a word.

Not this morning though. I woke up early to exercise while the rest of my family was asleep. And I was lifting some weights, nothing strenuous, when I thought “why aren’t I writing right now?”

For me, the morning is perfect. It’s quiet, even for just half an hour. I’m not bogged down with my day-job stress. And if I don’t read the news, I’m not completely depressed yet by the state of the world.

And magically, when I sat down and pulled up a new document, the opening paragraphs of my new story “The Poles of Inaccessibility” just poured out. A completely different opening that I’d scratched out longhand in a journal. And nothing like what I’d been mulling over in my head.

Today, I liked the actual act of writing.

2 thoughts on “The Hardest Part about Writing

  1. I forget who but one author said about his writing that he wasn’t a great writer, but he was a great re-writer.
    Perhaps his first draft wasn’t too good but, as he continued to work on it, it got better and better.

  2. I so agree, thats exactly what I am struggling with myself, you just want to have to whole thing done, so its done, and all your characters, and points are there. And then having to sit there and think about what to do next, but wanting to be further along than you are. I am stuck at the same place in my book I have been stuck in for the longest time, its also because school takes a lot of my life time up right now.

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