Who can afford a room of her own these days?

I’m reading “How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead” by Ariel Gore. Great title and great name (her real name). There’s some good advice in there, one of which is to write everyday, which isn’t new advice but still good.

So I’m trying to blog, or write, or think about fiction every day. I even wrote a poem in my head while I walked work the other day. It wasn’t very good but it was still writing.

The frustrating advice, which is given by many a writer who is now comfortably living off their writing, is to get a part-time, flexible job that still gives you time and energy to write.

That’s great. I had that during graduate school. I worked 30 hours a week, enough to just pay my bills, and wrote furiously the rest of the time. I was also single and childless.

Now what? I’m the breadwinner for a family of four. My day job is stressful and 50 hours a week at least and I can’t quit because we need the money and benefits. So while I’d love to go be a clerk at a bookstore, it’s not going to happen.

So I keep plugging away, exhausted and not doing anything as well as I should. And I”m not really having any fun the few minutes I find to write. Something’s gotta give.

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